Property Development & Investments

JSM Company Group was founded with over 15 years of commercial and residential property development, we continue to grow with the ambition of becoming one of biggest property groups in the North West. We have an extensive portfolio of properties primarily based in Liverpool and elsewhere in the UK


  • Developments

    Take a look at JSM Company Group’s developments across the UK. Our Developments include a number of accommodation buildings and much more.

  • Investments

    We aim to invest in property in some of the most popular and well-developed areas in major towns & cities. JSM Company Group’s investments aims to bring growing business and developments to these areas.

  • Leisure

    Our Leisure portfolio is ever-growing with some of the most successful bars, clubs and restaurants in Liverpool and elsewhere in the UK. Our aim is to make the areas these leisure holdings are situated key factors in the growth of the cities tourism.

From our Portfolio

Highlighted Properties

Leisure Venues

Pub Invest Group

JSM Company Group currently holds an expanding portfolio of leisure developments and venues in Liverpool. This portfolio is set to grow vastly in 2021, continuing to be the biggest catalog of venues in Liverpool. Pub Invest Group Ltd Showcases these properties. New additions for 2021 include Revolver Liverpool, Zanzibar Club and Blush.

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